Top 10 Countries for New Year Festivities

United States - The New York Times Square ball drop is a staple New Years celebration. New Yorkers just know how to party.

Canada - Fireworks over the breath-taking Niagara Falls make Canada a tourist hot spot. Don't forget about Clifton Hills, for great entertainment and music.

France - The City of lights is one of the best places to be during New Years. It features extravagant monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elyse'es and the Arc de Triomphe.

United Kingdom - The London Parade features music, celebrities, clowns and spectacular fireworks display. The scenery of the London Bridge and Big Ben is one of the best.

Australia - This is to Australians, what the New York City Times Square Drop is to Americans. The Sydney New Years Eve celebration is located along Sydney Harbour and always draws out millions of guests.

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro is arguably the best celebration. On New Year's Eve, the whole of Brazil turns into one neighborhood Beach Block Party. The summer of Brazil adds to the festivities.

Iceland - Despite being winter and the country being bankrupt, Icelanders know how to ring in the New Year. Reykjavik is the city to be in. Festivities begin with a Mass and residents attend Church. This is then followed by great entertainment and celebrations.

India - If you're going to party in Asia, it better be in Goa, India. The festivities on a romantic beach and a 3-day street party called Hill Top, make Goa a perfect place for couples.

Spain - In spain New Years celebrations consist of non-stop partying and drinking. Hot spots include Barcelona, where people spill into the streets and dance the night away.

Japan - Japanese ring in the New Year with firey fireworks and the ringing of Temple Bells and religious prayer. Japanese actually start celebrating New Years on the 29th of December.


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