Interesting Facts About Cricket

Sir D. Bradman of Australia is considered the bestbatsman of all times. He played 80 test innings with an average of 99.9. He scored 29 centuries and 13 fifties. His highest score was 334.

Australia holds the record of most consecutive wons in test matches i.e. 16 consecutive test matches won.

West Indies holds the record of Most consecutive test matches drwan i.e. 10 test matches drawn consecutively.

Pakistan's Mohammed Yousuf holds the record of most runs in a calender year and most centuries in a calender year. He broke both these records in 2006.

Australia has the best win record in test matches, that is 63.92% wins, they have won 319 of 686 test matches since march 1887.

Shahid Afridi of Pakistan scored fastes ODI century in 1996. It was scored on 37 balls. He still holds that record.

The sport of Cricket is full of controversies.Lets take a look at a few of them...

The biggest controversy of Cricket history took place at the Oval groundat August 11, 2006. Umpire Darrell Hair of Australia accused Pakistani players of tempering the ball and changed the ball and refused to tell which Pakistani player has tempered with the ball. The drama didn't end here, when pakistani team made a short delay in comming to the ground as to register their protest, Darrell Hair awarded the match to England which was almost won by Pakistanis. Earlier that day, before the play was started, the president of the cricket board of England had requested Darrell Hair to check Pakistani players for ball tempering whichmade it more controversial. Later Darrell Hair was fired from the umpiring panel.

World Cup hosts in 2003, South Africa failed to read their rain-affected target correctly, tied their match against Sri Lanka and plunged out of the tour at the first round stage.

Match referee Clive Lloyd banned Pakistan's Shoaib Akhtar for one Test and two one-day internationals for abusing a tail-end batsman.
However Lloyd refused to dole out similarly tough punishment to England's Nasser Hussain two months later, as Hussain's reported comments to Muttiah Muralitharan could not be proven.

South African player Herschelle Gibbs was banned for two test matches after abusing Pakistani spectators in the first test match of a 3 test match series against pakistan in 2007.



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