Interesting Facts About Gregory House M.D

The Fictional Dr. Gregory House is Played by Golden Globe Winner Hugh Laurie

Gregory House might have been born in Ohio. His social security number was issued in that state.

House is an infectious disease specialist.

He's the head of the Department of Diagnostic Medicine at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

His father was a United States Marine which may explain his ease with languages. He speaks or understands Japanese, Hindi, Portuguese and Spanish.

Gregory House's father prescribed severe punishments. Some of the punishments included sleeping outside and taking ice baths.

At John's Hopkins Medical school house was ousted for cheating. He eventually earned his M.D. from the University of Michigan.

Gregory House and Hugh Laurie were both born on June 11, 1959.

Gregory House's leg injury stems from an infarction. Dead muscle was removed leaving him with partial use of his right leg and constant pain.

House is a Vicodin addict.

He doesn't think this addiction is an issue because it doesn't interfere with his life.

Gregory House thinks everyone lies and approaches all of his cases with that in mind.

House is written like a modern day Sherlock Holmes. House's name is meant to mimic Holmes' name with regard to sound and representation. Sherlock Holmes was a drug addict as well.

The genius doctors loves music and is a gifted pianist(as is Hugh Laurie). Sherlock Holmes was gifted violinist.

According to his boss, Dr. Lisa Cuddy and ex-girlfriend Stacy Warner, Gregory House only has one real friend, Dr. James Wilson.

Wilson is meant to be a representation of Sherlock Holmes' side kick, Dr. Watson. Like Dr. Watson, Wilson has an affinity for the ladies. Both men have been married more than once. Wilson has had an affair with at least one patient.

Gregory House has some sort of romantic history with Cuddy. They have gone on at least one date and might have slept together.

Gregory House has a hard time accepting gratitude or complements. He often deflects them with sarcasm or humor.

House also had a bit of a romantic history and perhaps future with his subordinate Dr. Allison Cameron. They've been out on two occasions and recently shared a kiss while Cameron tried to sneak a blood sample from him.

House once told Cameron he loved her so that he could take a swab for an HIV test.


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