Interesting Facts, Bugs and Goof-ups in Windows Vista

1. If you press key and right-click on a folder, you'll get "Open Command Window here" and "Copy as Path" options.

2. You can enable "Checkboxes" to select items using "Folder Options". It helps in selecting multiple items.

3. DreamScene stops running, when we maximize the active window.

4. If you press and hold key and then scroll with your mouse backward/forward on desktop, the desktop icons size will increase/decrease.

5. If you press and hold key while pressing + TAB or + TAB, it'll not disappear after leaving the keys. It'll remain there on screen so that you can easily navigate through the windows.

6. You can disable the startup sound (when Animated ORB is shown before login screen) from "Sound" applet in Control Panel.

7. There is a HIDDEN boot screen in Vista. Just enable "No GUI Boot" option in "Boot" of "msconfig".

8. By default Power button in Startmenu is not set to "Shutdown" in Vista. But you can change it using "Power Settings" applet in Control Panel.

Bugs & Goof-ups:
1. Windows DreamScene doesnt work, if "Show Translucent selection rectangle" option is disabled from System Properties (Performance Settings).

2. When you change some settings in Performance tab of System Properties, the Aero theme is automatically changed to Vista Basic theme.

3. Open "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" and goto "Notification Area" tab. Now look carefully at the image. You'll find that the sidebar icon is still from Vista BETA releases and they forgot to update the image in RTM.

4. A new interesting feature in Vista is "Taskbar Thumbnails", which shows the opened windows previews when we hover the cursor on their taskbar buttons. It works perfectly but I found that if we minimize / maximize a window by clicking on its taskbar button and keep the cursor on the button, it doesn't show the thumbnail preview, it just shows the classic tool-tip.

5. If a window is minimized, then its taskbar thumbnail doesnt show the live preview instead it shows a static preview. Same thing happens in case of +Tab or +Tab. It also shows a static preview of the window. If the window is maximized, then you can see a live preview.

6. Its related to the HIDDEN files. If a file/folder is HIDDEN under another folder/drive and we press +A or Select All, then Vista doesnt show any message like "This folder contains hidden files. To select all files enable "Show hidden files" option from Tools -> Folder Options" and even if we enable "Status bar" in explorer. It doesnt show "x hidden files" in status bar.

In XP, status bar used to show no. of all files including hidden files and also explorer gives message when we try to select all files.

7. Right-click on My Computer icon on Desktop and select "Properties". Now move the cursor at the location pointed in the following screenshot:
What you see? The mouse cursor will change to "Hand" pointer like there is a link. But in fact there is no link. Really weird...

8. Open an explorer window, select a file, and minimize and restore the window again. The keyboard focus will be lost and will be set to nothing. You will not be able to use any key combination like "Ctrl+C", "Ctrl+V", etc, left/right keyboard keys to navigate in the item list. You'll have to click on the item list again to make it active. It's a really annoying and weird bug.


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