Interesting Facts of Lewis and Clark

Lewis's family had been neighbors and friends with Jefferson for a long time, and Lewis was Jefferson's personal aide. He had also studied navigation. He was 31.Lewis brought along his Newfoundland dog, Seaman, but nobody is sure what happened to him.

Jefferson tried to send explorations 4 times before Lewis and Clark.

Sakakawea (other spelling) was kidnapped by another tribe of Indians when she was a young girl. She was then sold to a French-Canadian fur trader named Charbonneau. He married Sacajawea, and they had a son who was nicknamed Pomp. She was 16 and he was 3 months old.

The whole journey took 2 years 4 months and 10 days

It went for 8,000 miles.

The grizzly bear and the bighorn sheep were discovered on the mission. The grizzly bear made a really big impression on everyone on the exploration.They sent a prairie dog back to Thomas Jefferson.

In total, they found 178 new plants and 122 new species of animals.

When they got back Clark was given the job of Indian agent for the west.

Lewis was made governor of the new Louisiana Territory, but he died soon after.

Clarks slave, York, went with them on the mission. York's father was a slave of Clark's father, so York was willed to Clark. He was the first black person the Indians had ever seen. York was married and wanted to live with his wife, but Clark would not let him. When they got back from the mission York was the only one not compensated for the journey.
The greatest distance traveled in one day was 50 miles when they were on a river going downstream.

The most popular trading items were colorful beads, but they also traded things like scissors, thimbles, and knives.

Frostbite was a common medical problem.

After the people on the expedition tried on the moccasins, they all began wearing them. Sometimes, they had to replace them every couple of days.

Compiled by: Krista Delle Femine

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