Interesting Facts About New Brunswick

· New Brunswick is the largest of Canada’s three Maritime provinces. New Brunswick is 73,440 sq. km (28,354 sq. mi.).

· There are three distinct coastlines in New Brunswick that together span 2,250 km (1,398 mi.).

· The province has eight cities, Saint John, Moncton, Dieppe, Fredericton (Capital), Edmundston, Campbellton, Bathurst and Miramichi.

· The population of New Brunswick is 749,200.

· New Brunswick is Canada’s only officially bilingual province (1969) (French and English).

· New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy has the highest tides on earth and is one of the most accessible viewing areas for marine life in the world.

· The St. John River system is the second largest on North America’s Atlantic coastline and extends from the northwest point of the province to the southern coast, where it empties into the Bay of Fundy at Saint John.

· Fiddleheads, edible, tightly coiled ferns that resemble the spiral end of a violin or fiddle, are a New Brunswick delicacy. Freshly picked from the riverbanks in the early spring, they are wonderful served with Atlantic salmon!

· New Brunswick has many species of birds. Grand Manan Island in the Fundy Isles is one of the top birding spots in North America. Grand Manan Island is also the Dulse Capital of the World. Dulse is an edible dried seaweed with many healthy properties, containing many minerals and a variety of vitamins.

· New Brunswick has more than 48 lighthouses and is famous for its existing inland lighthouse system that dots its inland rivers.

· The Bay of Fundy is a pristine sanctuary for all kinds of rare, unusual wild creatures. Immense blooms of plankton provide a vast feeding ground for up to 15 species of toothed and baleen whales, including Finbacks, Humpbacks, Pilot whales and the rare Right whale.

· Although New Brunswick has 64 remaining covered bridges, Kings County is considered the Covered Bridge Capital of Atlantic Canada. The bridges that are standing today are living examples of the pride of craftsmanship, heritage, engineering and design of our forefathers. The ‘’Longest Covered Bridge in the World’’ is located in Hartland, New Brunswick - 390 m. (1,282 ft.) long.

· New Brunswick has some of the warmest saltwater beaches north of Virginia.

· New Brunswick is accessible by major airports and highways, as well as by cruise ship, ferry and by rail.

· The Appalachian Range is one of the oldest mountain ranges on earth.

· Ganong Brothers Ltd. created the first chocolate and nut candy bar by individually wrapping pieces of chocolate and selling them for a nickel.

· Manufacturing, mining and forestry are the main industries, and the province is considered a North American leader in forest management.


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