Interesting Facts About Water

  • 50 billions of plastic water bottles per year are put into landfills?
  • … human body consists at 75% (on average) of water?
  • … it is necessary to drink at least 2 litres of pure water every day to feel good?
  • … water helps you look good due to its exceptional characteristics?
  • … water is the main component in the process of weight loss?
  • … BARRIER cartridges were tested by the UL to filter 95 gallons of water from the tap due to the formulation of the filter elements and filters more than twice the capacity of other competing brands so you can save your money if buying BARRIER production?
  • … 1 BARRIER cartridge is equal to 760 16 oz. bottles of water?
  • … to refill water bottles can help the environment by reducing landfill waste?

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